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Ethanol production reduces our energy Imports and exports supplies of transportation fuel, thereby reducing overall gasoline prices and benefiting consumers.
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Colusa County is located on the northwestern side of the Sacramento Valley of California.

It consists of over 730,000 acres, nearly 70 percent of which are farmed. Agriculture is the principal industry, valued at over $293,000,000. Rice is the principal crop grown and was valued at over $112,000,000 in 1998. The population of Colusa County is approximately 18,500.
(See Figure 2 for detail)
Colusa & Maxwell City Locations

The Interstate 5 freeway (I-5) runs north-south through the County and State Route 20 runs east-west. The City of Colusa is the county seat and lies on the banks of the Sacramento River. The communities of Maxwell near I-5 in the north, Williams at the intersection of I-5 and SR-20 and Arbuckle near I-5 in the south are agricultural centers (see Figure 2). Colusa County is the largest producer of rice in the State. There are many businesses in Colusa County including drying and milling, equipment sales, agricultural chemicals and trucking that support the rice industry. Each year Colusa is the site of one of the major farm shows in California.
Colusa Biomass Energy Corp.
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